Church Rental

Looking for a place to hold your event.  The Creston Canaan United Methodist Church has a fellowship hall and kitchen.  Provided below is a list of policies, procedures and prices for you.


  1. Our church facilities are designed for worship, education and fellowship in the name of Jesus Christ.  Any activity scheduled around the Christian calendar or a church function has priority over individual requests.  This includes but is not limited to Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
  2. The fellowship hall and classrooms are primarily used by the church family and their requests would be given priority over requests of non-parishioners.
  3. One of the missions of our church is to be a presence for Jesus Christ in the community.  Requests for use of the facility for activities of benefit to the community and church family will be given consideration. In the past, we have provided access to the Scouts, Meals on Wheels, Weekday Religious Education, the Board of Elections, S.O.U.P. Supper, and Bloodmobile.  Groups like these are not charged rent.
  4. Requests for the use of the fellowship hall by a non-parishioner for a private event would require that a sponsor connected with the church family be willing to be the party responsible for obtaining the key, opening and locking the building, and overseeing set up and clean up.  Rent would be charged.
  5. All use of the church facilities must be approved by the Administrative Board.  The board meets monthly on the second Thursday.  A special meeting could be called if requested by the pastor or chair of the Administrative Board.  Please plan ahead with any request.
  6. Requests should be in writing and include name, phone, date requested, type of function, and estimated number attending.

Rental Fees 

Members or their children

_____ Use of Fellowship Hall & Kitchen is by donation
_____ Custodial Fee                   $50 or waived if family agrees to clean before & after event


_____ Use of Fellowship Hall & Kitchen           $150.00
_____ Use of Fellowship Hall only                      $50.00
_____ Custodial Fee                                                  $50.00 (restrooms etc.)


Rules and Courtesies

  1. There will be no use of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products on the property of the Creston United Methodist Church.
  2. If there are to be decorations, there will be no use of nails, tacks, or staples on woodwork.
  3. If there are to be refreshments, the kitchen area/fellowship hall shall be left clean and the floor swept.  Trash must be removed from the building.