Our Church

Faith in Action

The Creston Canaan United Methodist Church offers the ability to put your faith in action.  We have a strong outreach ministry with opportunities to be involved and make a difference in our community and beyond.

God speaks to us through scripture, tradition, experience and reason.  If you are dealing with some of life’s situations at Creston Canaan United Methodist Church you can hear God’s word in many different ways.  Sermons are Bible based.  We have several different Bible Studies and special groups where you can meet with others from the church family and read God’s word and discuss how it relates to you today.

Family Friendly, Friendly Family

Families come in all shapes and sizes today. Creston Canaan United Methodist Church is a family that always has room for more. Regardless of age we have a place for you to feel at home, build relationships, find support and encouragement, and most importantly experience the love of God and His family.


We have a variety of fellowship opportunities at Creston Canaan.  From game nights to coffee hour following worship to a Birthday Bash where everyone’s birthday is celebrated around tables with good food, fun, and fellowship.  It is during these fellowship times where we come to know one another and celebrate each other.


We invite you to come and join us as we live out the love of Christ through Faith, Family, and Fellowship.

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