The Creston Canaan United Methodist Church offers a venue for your wedding day that is comfortable and affordable.  The Sanctuary if air conditioned. We’ve included here our procedures and costs to help answer any questweddingions you might have as you prepare for your special day.  For any further information we encourage you to contact us.

  1. The wedding will be officiated by the appointed or assigned Pastor of the church who will be in charge of the ceremony.  Wedding consultants or persons assisting with the ceremony may do so on the invitation of the Pastor.  Consultants must understand that the wedding, like all services, is in the charge of the Pastor.  Regardless of their responsibilities elsewhere, here they are not to assume direction of any portion of the wedding rehearsal or ceremony.  It is the responsibility of the couple to make this known to their consultant.
  2. The Pastor will meet with the bridal party for a rehearsal the evening before the wedding and explain all procedures.  The marriage license must be given to the Pastor at the time of the wedding rehearsal.  Fees should be paid at the time of the wedding rehearsal, and separate envelopes should be prepared for pastor, organist, church, and custodian.  Cash is preferred.
  3. The Pastor and the church are committed to the well-being of the bride, groom, parents and the bridal party.  Therefore, the needs and desires of the bride and groom will be acknowledged within the established theological, legal and social boundaries.  The church building is a house of worship and not a commercial “wedding chapel.”  Your respect and consideration is requested.
  4. Premarital counseling shall be conducted by the Pastor or by a person designated or approved by the Pastor.
  5. The use of the facilities and the services of the Pastor should be made at least three months in advance.
  6. No weddings are scheduled at the church on Ash Wednesday, during Holy Week, Christmas Eve, or on Christmas Day.  All other dates are subject to the Pastor’s approval.
  7. If the fellowship hall and kitchen facilities are requested, arrangements shall be made through the Pastor.  It is suggested that such arrangements be made at least eight weeks prior to the date of the wedding.  The reception should be confined to the fellowship hall.  If refreshments are served, the couple will be responsible for the use of the kitchen and equipment, and for any damage or breakage.  The kitchen and equipment must be left in good order.
  8. It is the responsibility of the bride to make arrangements with a florist for the wedding decorations.  The church suggests simplicity, with a minimum of decorations.  Two vases of flowers may be placed on the altar, but the altar cross shall not be covered, hidden or made part of an arrangement.  Ribbon or simple floral arrangements may be used to mark the pews.  No nails or thumb tacks are to be used on the church woodwork.  Masking tape may be used.
  9. Music is an important part of a wedding ceremony and should be in keeping with the reverence observed in the church.  All music will be approved by the Pastor and the organist.   Ordinarily the church organist plays the organ for all services and a sound technician familiar with church equipment assists if needed.  Arrangements for others to provide music must be approved by the organist and the Pastor.  The organist and technician should be consulted by the couple well in advance of the wedding date.  Should the family desire a soloist or musical group, arrangements should be made with the organist for adequate rehearsal time. See fee sheet for additional information.
  10. The couple is asked to instruct their official photographer that flash photography is not permissible in the sanctuary.  A time-exposure of the ceremony may be taken from the rear of the sanctuary.  Videotaping should be arranged with the Pastor in advance.  No photographer will be allowed in the altar area during the ceremony. Bulletins should include the statement, “No flash photography permitted during the service.”
  11. Please use drop cloths under all candles, candelabras and other appointments that may potentially deface the furniture, fixtures or building.
  12. No rice, confetti, bird seed, or balloons shall be used to greet the married couple. Other acceptable alternatives include noisemakers, bells, streamers or bubble makers, all to be used out-of doors.


May God bless your marriage!




Wedding/Reception Agreement


Wedding for ______________________________

Date of Wedding_____________­­­




Members or their children

_____  Pastor – service & one rehearsal                          $150.00
_____  Organist* – service & one rehearsal                   $100.00
_____  Sound Technician – service & one rehearsal    $50.00
_____  Use of Sanctuary – service and one rehearsal  Donation
_____  Use of Fellowship Hall – rehearsal dinner        Donation
_____  Use of Fellowship Hall – reception                      Donation
_____  Custodial Fee                                                               $75.00



_____  Pastor – service and one rehearsal                        $250.00
_____  Organist*– service and one rehearsal                  $100.00
_____  Sound Technician – service & one rehearsal      $50.00
_____  Use of Sanctuary – service and one rehearsal    $150.00
_____  Use of Fellowship Hall – rehearsal dinner          $150.00
_____  Use of Fellowship Hall – reception                        $150.00
_____  Custodial Fee (no use of hall)                                  $100.00
______Custodial Fee for use of kitchen                            $50.00


Special Music

*All other fees for soloists, other performers, or additional rehearsals for the organist should be arranged by the wedding couple with the performers or organist before the time of the rehearsal. The basic fee for the organist of $100 covers playing 30 minutes before the ceremony and recessional music as the ceremony concludes and family/friends depart.  There will be an additional charge of $25 if practice with a soloist is involved.  Charges for music requested, but not readily available will be ordered at current pricing.  In 2016 it ran $6 per music request.  Please allow at least 6-8 weeks before the ceremony date to inform the organist of music desired or it will be at the discretion of the organist to select appropriate music.

It is customary for the church organist to play for weddings.  If it is necessary to make arrangements for a different organist an additional fee may be required.

We understand the attached rules, regulations, and fees, and will follow them.





Does the United Methodist Women do wedding receptions?     No, it is the family’s responsibility

Who determines if everything is in order after the wedding?   Pastor and custodian

Does the church furnish an aisle runner?  No.  Length of aisle is 39 feet

How many people will the sanctuary seat?    150

Who prepares/arranges for printing the bulletins?      The couple/family

Who buys candles?     The couple/family.  Please buy drip free candles AND provide for drop-cloths

Where does the couple get dressed?   Sunday school class rooms or the annex are available for use as dressing rooms.

The rooms are not secure.  Purses and valuable items should be placed in a trusted person’s care.  Do not leave these items unattended.



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